Histoire des villes luxembourgeoises 10


The research project VILLUX addresses to the historical research of Luxembourgish cities. It is in its tenth funding phase.

VILLUX X consists of two parts:

1. A digital and interactive historical atlas of the city of Luxembourg (, which will retrace the city’s development from the 1820s until today. The objectives of the project are to document processes of change, while questioning traditional notions of development, and to establish new, authoritative methods and concepts for the standardization of online maps.

The research presented on the project website reveals an insight into different aspects the urban city development. By considering state of the art tools and technique, a digital reconstruction of several specific time segments will allow to explore the historical evolution of the city digitally. In accordance with the guidelines of the CIHV (International Commission for the History of Towns), this historical information will be scientifically grounded and enable time travel from past to present using the visual interface over the internet.

2. The edition of the medieval account books of the city of Luxembourg. The project also intends to achieve the publication of the fourteenth and fifteenth-century account books of the city of Luxembourg. This comprehensive source material, providing both insights into historical language use and practical information on the management of the city as well as its topographic, economic and social development, is unique, both in terms of its content and its form. The first nine volumes of the account books have already been published in cooperation with Luxembourg’s City Archive. Volumes 10-12 are in preparation.

2016 – 2019

Project leader:
Martin Uhrmacher
Steve Kass

Michel Pauly
Simon Schneider
Laura Gaul
Tom Theis
Sebastian Pauli

Project website
Atlas website