Sonja Kmec

Associate Professor 


Sonja Kmec has studied history at the Centre Universitaire du Luxembourg, Paris IV-Sorbonne, Glasgow-Strathclyde and Durham. She did her doctoral research at the University of Oxford and graduated in 2004. As postdoc, she was part of the “Lieux de mémoire” project led by Michel Margue at the University of Luxembourg. Since 2010, she is associate professor in history and cultural studies. Her fields of research are identity and memory studies, gender studies, popular and material culture.


Research projects:

CeMi – Cemeteries and Crematoria as Public Spaces of Belonging in Europe
Popkult60 – Populärkultur in den 1960er
RIP – Material Culture and Spaces of Remembrance
PARTIZIP – Soziale Partizipation und Identitäten
LUXFUT – Futures and Pasts
Cross-Border Residence
ILUX – Identités au Luxembourg


 MSH, 2.305
 (+352) 46 66 44 6745