The Struggle for Participation (1789-1980)


Funded by the Fonds National de la Recherche (FNR), this large research project brought together colleagues from history, political science and political philosophy. Two consecutive “Partizip” projects proved a fertile ground for scholarly exchanges as well as public outreach. The social, economic and political participation of various parts of the population were examined both from an actor-centered perspective and with the tools of discourse analysis and political theory. In a context of enormous social transformations, agricultural practices, labour migration and organization, ethnical and gender discrimination, expulsions and recognition of rights were linked to larger questions of democratisation, nation-building and identity formation processes. The output is a large array of scientific articles, collectively edited volumes and seven PhD projects, some still ongoing, some published in the form of monographies.

2009 – 2015

Project leaders:
Jean-Paul Lehners
Norbert Franz
Sonja Kmec

Norbert Franz
Thorsten Fuchshuber
Renée Wagener

Wolfgang Alt
Vincent Artuso
Michel Dormal
Thierry Hinger
Elisabeth Hoffmann
Eva Klos
Heike Mauer
Fabian Trinkaus
Dominik Trauth
Tobias Vetterle
Loretta Walz