Monique Weis


Monique Weis (PhD, 2001) is an honorary Research Fellow of the Belgian Research Fund (FNRS). She taught Early Modern History and the History of Christianity at the Free University of Brussels (ULB). She was the director of the CIERL, the Interdisciplinary Centre for the Study of Religions and Secularism (ULB), between 2013 and 2016, and the coordinator of several research projects.

Since April 2021, Monique Weis is Full Professor in Early Modern History at the University of Luxembourg (FHSE, Department of Humanities, Institute for History). Her main research areas are the Duchy of Luxembourg in the 16th and 17th centuries as periphery and borderland of the Low Countries, Early Modern pilgrimages in the Greater Region, the “Spanish Road” and, more generally, Early Modern mobilities. She is also working on the history of marriage and the family in an interregional perspective.

MSH 2.303
(+352) 46 66 44-9206