Karl Solchenbach

PhD Student 


Karl Solchenbach completed his studies of mathematics at the University of Bonn with a diploma (1980). After several years in applied science, he worked in the IT industry managing cooperation projects with leading European research organizations in the area of high-performance computing and artificial intelligence.

For more than 20 years he has been collecting old maps of the Luxemburg-Trier-Mosel-Eifel region. He is particularly interested in the interaction between the geographical, historical and artistic elements of old maps. After his retirement, he has started doctoral studies at the University of Luxemburg. In his Ph.D. thesis he will investigate maps of the Rhine-Meuse-Moselle region in the 1500-1800 period, describing the regional historical context, revealing the influences and dependencies between maps, and applying the “critical cartography” analysis approach of Harley, Stercken and others as appropriate.


Research projects:
Comparative analysis of historical maps of the Rhine-Meuse-Moselle region from the late 15th century until the congress of Vienna.