Sergio Torres Aguilar

Postdoctoral researcher


Sergio Torres Aguilar has a background in History, Classical Languages and Computer Science from the University of Oviedo in Spain and holds Master’s degrees in Data Science and in Medieval History from universities in Madrid. In 2020, he defended his doctoral thesis prepared at the University of Paris-Saclay in France, which focused on the creation and application of artificial intelligence models to the study of medieval diplomatics texts.
He has worked as a researcher at several institutions in France, including the National Library of France, the National Center for Scientific Research, and the École Nationale des Chartes in Paris. His work involves using and adapting natural language processing and computer vision techniques to gain new insights into the study of ancient written heritage. He is also interested in exploring how the hermeneutics of data obtained through automation tools can be integrated into historical research.
In 2022, he joined the Institute of History at the University of Luxembourg as a post-doctoral researcher assistant associated with the Interlor project.


Research project:


MSH 2.323