Scott Kutting

PhD Student 


Scott Kutting joined the Department of Humanities April 1st, 2021 as doctoral researcher in the field of medieval history and as personal assistant to Prof. Michel Margue.

He conducted his bachelor and master studies in History at the University of the Saarland and joined as early as from his second semester onward the chair for medieval history under the supervision of Prof. Brigitte Kasten. As a personal assistant to PD Dr. Dr. Christian Vogel he gained first hand insight into academic research and was able to join the renowned Regesta Imperii program later in his studies.

As a native Luxembourger he chose the rivalries between count Conrad I. of Luxembourg and the archbishop of Trier as subject for his bachelor thesis and graduated from his master studies with a prosopographic analysis of the entourage of emperor Charles III. the Fat.

Back in Luxembourg he’s the newest addition to the Lotharingia Pontificia (INTERLOR) project, where he’ll conduct research on the relationship of the local clergy and nobles with the papacy of the 11th and early 13th century.


Research projects:

Die Trierer Papstkontakte

MSH 2.313