Noëlle Manoni

PhD Student 


Noëlle Manoni has studied social and military sciences at the Royal Militairy Academy (ERM/KMS) in Brussels and holds a master’s degree with distinction in conflict studies and military history, which received several awards, including the Award AA of the RMA (Prix de l’Association des Anciens ERM), the ALMA-Alumni Award by the Faculty of social and human sciences; an award for the best master thesis of the 2022 Promotion, entitled The Line between Disorder and Order lies in logistics. Les problèmes logistiques des Américains dans la Bataille des Ardennes.

She joined the University of Luxembourg in 2024 as a part-time student and currently prepares her doctoral thesis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Sonja Kmec. The current research project aims to combine an actor-centred view on the Battle of the Bulge with a more doctrinal approach.

Her fields of research cover several key topics of the Second World War, such as military tactics, real life support for field operations, the battle of the Bulge in Luxembourg, Western front and combined arms operations in 1944, dealing with the total caracter of contemporary warfare, individual actor-centred view on large-scale conflicts and both individual and collective memory.


Projet de recherche:

Entre l’usure et le réapprovisionnement : la bataille des Ardennes sous le prisme de la logistique militaire