Maxime Duval

PhD Student 


After completing my master’s thesis on the Gallo-Roman wooden objects from Arlon and Mageroy (Belgium) at the University of Brussels (ULB), I am now pursuing a PhD in a co-tutelle between the University of Luxembourg and the University of Brussels on a project titled « Wooden instrumentum and the structure of its production in the Civitas Treverorum (1st C. BC., 4th C. AD.), through processing waste, tool marks and specialisation markers », under the joint supervision of Pr. A. Binsfeld (UniLu) and Pr. L. Tholbecq (ULB).

My thesis aims to study and identify small wooden objects from the Roman period, collectively referred to as « instrumentum », as well as their manufacturing techniques and the organisation of the wood craft, primarily in the territory of the Civitas Treverorum (southern Belgium, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, surroundings of Trier, and northern French Lorraine). My research has also led me to study wooden material in other regions, both in Belgium (Roly villa) and in Italy (Alba Fucens).

MSH 2.