Julia Wack

PhD student 


Julia Wack studied History, Art History, Archaeology and Cultural Management in Cologne and Maastricht, focusing on contemporary art, communication and heritage; followed by 15 years of organising and contribution to large scale exhibition projects, publications, film series and festivals in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Romania, France and Luxembourg (Projekt Migration, Festival of Colours, A Common Dialect, Manifesta 9, Eppur si Muove). Most recently Régisseur des Expositions at Mudam and Communication Coordinator of CinEast Film Festival (both Luxembourg), her main research interests are Popular Culture, Performance, Film and Esthetics.

Since 2018 she has been a member of the FNR/DFG research project PopKult60 (Transnational popular culture – Europe in the long 1960s)


Research projects:
Ambitious Amateurs

 MSH 2.321
 (+352) 46 66 44 6743