Ilenia Petrarulo

PhD Student 


Ilenia Petrarulo obtained a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Classical Archaeology at “Sapienza” University of Rome and a Post- graduated Diploma in Medieval Archaeology and Cultural Heritage at University of Salento (Italy). She obtained also a Master’s degree in Underwater Archaeology at University of Cadiz (Spain). She has worked as a professional archaeologist in different contexts, in Italy and abroad, for several years before starting her PhD. She is interested in climate change archaeology and its methods, focused on studying the relationship between humans and the environment in the past, especially in times of crisis. Her PhD project is focused on the climate changes and environmental events occurred between the end of Antiquity and the Early Middle Age in the Moselle and Rhine Valley.


Research projects:
Climate and environmental events in Antiquity and Early Middle Ages: a contribution to the archaeology of climate changes

MSH 2.218