Colette Mart

PhD Student 


Colette Marti was born in 1955 in Luxembourg and grew up in Esch-Alzette. She attended the Lycée Hubert Clement there, where she learned German, French, English and Italian at the modern languages section. As the daughter of a politician’s family, she became interested in politics very early on. She studied journalism and communication science at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, graduated with distinction and then studied for another year at the Institute for European Studies of the same university.

Colette Mart worked as a journalist for 35 years, first in Brussels, later in Heidelberg and since 1984 in Luxembourg. She was an editorialist at the Lëtzebuerger Journal for 17 years, and in this capacity dealt with social injustices and discrimination. Colette Mart has travelled to 45 countries and published numerous reports and feature articles. National and local politics, as well as cultural journalism were among her areas of responsibility. She was a contributor to the women’s magazine Carriere for 23 years, and president of the Luxembourg Writers’ Union for 7 years. In this capacity, she contributed to the elaboration of an anthology of Luxemburgish literature for secondary schools. She has published five books of poetry and short stories, received a journalism award from the Luxembourg government in 2010, and an international poetry award in 2011.

Colette Mart’s political involvement began in 1999, when she was elected in the Luxembourg City Council. Since 2011, she has been the deputy mayor for schools and education, advocating for equal opportunities for all children.

As a journalist and politician, Colette Mart has always been sensitive to social concerns and discrimination. For these reasons, she decided to embark on a doctoral thesis to explore the traces of colonial history on today’s society and on mentalities in a multicultural society.


Research projects: