Chrystalle Zebdi-Bartz

PhD Student 


Chrystalle has studied German language, literature, and civilization at the University of Lorraine, and worked during that time as an adjunct teacher of German studies. She holds a master’s degree in Germanic civilization and wrote her thesis on the integration of a military camp of the Maginot Line in the Moselle area landscape of the 1930s.  In parallel with various professional and associative experiences, notably at the World Peace Center in Verdun and at the Maginot Line bunker “Bambesch”, Chrystalle developed her research focus in regional history and forced labour history. Currently she is working on her doctoral thesis provisionally entitled “Prisoner of War Camps in Moselle and Saarland in the Nazi Forced Labor System. Territories, history(s), memory(s)”. This work is supervised by Professor Sonja Kmec at the University of Luxembourg and by Professor Ulrich Pfeil at the University of Lorraine, in the context of an international joint supervision.


Research projects:
Les camps de prisonniers de guerre dans le système nazi du travail forcé en Moselle et en Sarre


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