Carmen Maganda

Visiting Professor


Carmen is an Assistant Professor at the Instituto de Ecología (INECOL) Mexico, (Mexican Research System Level II SNI-Conacyt) with an undergraduate degree in territorial planning (UAM-Xochimilco), a Master in regional studies (Instituto Mora) and PhD in anthropology (CIESAS-Mexico). She has completed three international postdoctoral stays: at the University of California, San Diego; Université de Lille 1; and Université du Luxembourg. Her research interests (publications and projects), revolve around the relationship between society and nature, cognitive sciences and sustainability, environmental governance, access/participation/rights to water for human consumption and water management, both in urban and rural contexts; as well as participatory and coherent sustainable development, transboundary waters and environmental security with a political ecology approach. She dreams of a world which is more empathetic and interconnected with nature.

She is also founder and co-coordinator of the socioenvironmental management working group of the RISC-RISE Consortium which is an international network of research institutes promoting community engagement partnerships. She is working in two such projects on water and citizen participation, in close collaboration with SENDAS AC and Global Water Watch-Mexico; addressing the need to support local initiatives and advocate for transparency in water management procedures. One of these projects focuses on citizen perceptions of water, and we are collecting responses from a wide-ranging survey.

Carmen is currently conducting a sabbatical stay at University of Luxembourg working with Dr. Rachel Reckinger, from January 9 to July 21, 2023 in the field of cognitive sciences, comparing their socio-environmental APPs from previous projects, and their potential to promote Sustainability Citizenship.

Carmen is also a daughter, sister, friend, aunt, colleague, wife and mother. She is convinced of the relevance of gender equality, the respect of rights and from her academic trenches she fights for the empowerment of women and girls.


Research projects:

Community views on water: community data for knowledge management of water resources and aquatic ecosystems. 2023-2025. This project is co-coordinated with Global Water Watch – Mexico, supported by the RISC-RISE Community Engagement Partnership (CEP).

Water and Citizens (El Agua y la Ciudadanía) 2022-2024. Analysis of citizen perceptions of water service (distribution and access) in Xalapa and surrounding municipalities, Veracruz. This project is co-coordinated with SENDAS A.C., supported by the RISC-RISE Community Engagement Partnership (CEP).

Water Survey 2022-2023: SENDAS, A.C.-INECOL, with financial support from the RISC-RISE (CEP), Pronaces/Pronaii-Agua CONACYT 318956 and 318971, End of Water Poverty, Rio Arronte and FMCN foundations. Campaign supporters: Global Water Watch-Mexico, Red de Custodios, RTV-MAS, and Centro de Investigaciones Tropicales, University of Veracruz.

Ecohidrología para la sustentabilidad y la gobernanza del agua y cuencas para el bien común” (Pronaces/Pronaii-Agua CONACYT clave 318956), 2022-2024. Coordinator of socioenvironmental group in the Papaloapan region.

Fortalecimiento y articulación de sujetos colectivos para la gestión y defensa del agua en el territorio” (Pronaces-Agua CONACYT clave 318971), 2022-2024. Water Survey analysis.

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