Bastien Dubuisson

PhD Student 


Bastien Dubuisson studied history at the University of Namur and at the Catholic University of Louvain (UCLouvain). In 2018, he defended a master’s thesis dedicated to the study of the “huge legendary” of the abbey of Saint-Maximin near Trier. He then continued his studies at the KU Leuven where he obtained a second master’s degree in digital humanities and defended a work related to the creation and the exploitation of a digital corpus of texts by the monk Johannes Scheckmann of Trier (†1531). Continuing on this path, he prepares a doctoral thesis in history at the University of Luxembourg in co-supervision with the University of Namur. The thesis ambitions to study the production, the circulation and the reception of hagiographic manuscripts in the diocese of Trier at the end of the Middle Ages (13-16th centuries).


Research projects:
Books, Saints, and Men

MSH 2.327
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